Cristina Nine

Cristina kickstarted her career as a Financial Advisor for Investments and Acquisitions at Merkaba Capital in the NY and then went on to become head of Investments at Black Onyx Capital Management in New York before founding Winance Investments.
Under her leadership and management, Winance deployed large investments worldwide across several sectors. Cristina specialised in designing financial instruments for public listed companies seeking tailor-made financing solutions to suit their needs. These include products such as ICON (Interest-free Convertibles) and
SEQA (Sequenced Equity Agreements) which contributed to the phenomenal performance of Winance during her tenure.
Cristina held various board positions in over 20 public listed companies globally.
In 2020 she founded Nine Invest Group, a global investment firm specialised in corporate financing with a focus on small and mid-sized listed companies seeking to complement their funding needs for further growth and development Cristina graduated from Neoma Business School, Paris.